Bravo! 1,183 mats in January!

Hi Everyone,Happy New Year and all the best for health, happiness and prosperity. Our numbers have increased dramatically due to people catching up with me after our year end email in December. I am thrilled to tell you we are starting January numbers with 1183 mats. I have some “kind of” good news.. for everyone …

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Thank you …well done!

Hi Everyone,  Hope you are well, and you had a nice Canada Day weekend. Sorry for the late newsletter.. time just seems to slip away.  Our schools have shut down and the kids are on holidays, so the teachers have been dropping of their milk bag mats. Thanks to all the milk bag clubs and …

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We had a visit not long ago!

A short while ago, Dave and his friend John from Harley’s Diners and Rides came to visit our “ headquarters” to bring some bags and chat with Angela. Here is the interview! ENJOY!