Summer is almost here

Hi Everyone,
It never ceases to amaze me how fast a month goes, but here we are and hopefully if you have gardens you’ve had a chance to enjoy some time outside.

Our numbers keep increasing and interest in the milk bag project has sped up with new people joining the work. So far this year we have sent 2966 mats to people in need.

I won’t be having a pick up your bags day this month; quite surprisingly I am out of boxes of bags. I need to get another shipment to my home, but until then, you will have to go to Canadian Food for Children at 1258 Lakeshore Road E. in Mississauga. They have a good supply of boxes of bags there, but remember, they are only open Monday to Friday, from 8 AM until noon. THEY ARE NOT OPEN IN THE AFTERNOONS, ON WEEKENDS, OR HOLIDAYS. 

We have a request for frames. IF anyone has decided to stop weaving, would you be willing to donate your frame? 

I have another photo of our new team in Carlisle. They are enjoying their work and it’s always nice to see new people take up the volunteer work and make new friends at the same time.

Our Zimbabwe group has sent another video. The people there are so happy to have this work. By covering furniture, they earn money, which enables them to buy food and send their children to school (Education is not government funded, so parents must pay tuition to send their children to school).


Videos like this humble me to see how people can be creative to earn a living for themselves.

( Sorry, impossible to flip it-BR)

Enjoy the warmth of June,