Over 45 million milk bags kept out of landfills

more than 60,000 mats to sleep on sent to disaster areas, third world countries and local homeless people.

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Fall is on the doorstep …time to stock up!

Hi Everyone,  Hope you are well.  Some sad news to share; one of our weavers has passed away, however, he passed on a legacy to …

Since 2008, a community of volunteers, schools , churches, community groups and businesses across Canada have been involved in the MILKBAGSunlimited project.

In some parts of Canada milk is sold in colorful bags that hold 3 smaller bags. Those outer bags are made of a specially strong, colouful, non-biodegradable plastic that is UV resistant. It is washable, lasts in the sun, bugs and snakes avoid it and it doesn’t retain moisture. 

 When this plastic is woven it becomes a  very soft and comfortable  sleeping mat that has an unlimited lifespan. Our volunteers weave mats of assorted  sizes, from baby to  tall adult.

In collaboration with other charitable organizations we send mats of different sizes to over 40 countries and to Canadian organisations that cater to homeless people.

The Process

Milk bags can be transformed into a multitude of products other than mats, such as purses, totes, handbags, slippers …

While saving the planet from discarded, non-recyclable milk bags, Angela Kesthely, the founder, realized that by giving people the tools and the coaching, income opportunities could be created: MILKBAGSunlimited became a source to micro-entrepreneurship.


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The Founder – Angela Kesthely

Unstoppable, she raises funds, designs patterns to be used to crochet all types of beach bags, purses , slippers and more with milk bags, teaches the necessary skills, collects boxes of bags, prepares skids for shipping, is a sought after guest speaker for the cause and still finds time to work at the Dr. John Kesthely’s dental office, look after her family and have other hobbies!