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Weave a mattress

How to weave a milk  bag mat – Part 1



Weave a mattress

How to weave a milk bag mat – Part 2


 A. Collect Milk Bags or pick up new, misprinted ones

1.    Only the colorful outer bags from 4 litre milk bags are collected.

2.    Ensure that they are clean.

3.    Flatten the bags.

4.    Sort by colours (optional).

5.    Cut to make ready to weave plarn strips.

Alternative: pick up  50lbs boxes of new misprinted bags. Contact us to arrange a pick-

 To find out where plarn strips can be dropped off : you will find a list on the “our network “ page or contact us.



B. Prepare  The Bags for Weaving

 1     Flatten the bags 

2.Work with a single bag or stack the milk bags with the bottoms and tops aligned.  

3. Cut off some of the bottom of the bag.

4. Cut off some of the top. 

5. Cut the remaining bag into 2 equal parts (horizontally across the bag).If prepare plarn to  crochet a mat, you will need to cut thinner strips ( 1”/ 2 ½ c

 6. This gives 2 loops.

 D. Loop The Strips

  1. Take 2 separate cut pieces & form a “T” shape.

2. Insert one end into the other and pull.

3. Pull firmly to make a knot, repeat the steps, and continue to make a long strand .

4. Keep looping until you have a long string about 7-10 chains long.

E. Make Chains

  1. Make chains of 6 loops.
  2. Put chains in a box
  3. Find a drop off place : check our website, post on “ Friends of MILKBAGSunlimited” Facebook page or email:

Make A Weaving Frame

When building a frame, the most important thing is the distance from the screws on one end, to the screws on the opposite side of the frame. The screws should be placed one inch into the wood and stick up 1 inch. These screws hold the milk bag plastic for the weaving process. Place 36 to 40 screws on each end. This will ensure that the mat is wide enough for the person laying on it. One other thing, if you plan to weave around 2 strands of plastic, make sure you have an even number of screws on each end of your frame.

Weaving around 2 strands of plastic gives you a thick, cushy mat. Weaving around one strand makes a flatter mat. Both flat and thick mats are fine.  

7 Loop Frame ( The Traditional Size) The diagonal pieces of wood in the corners are wonderful to hold the frame on a tabletop.

6 Loop Frame

The 6 loop frame, smaller than the one above, is constructed the very same way as the one above but from screw to screw it is 68 inches. 

4 Loop Frame /  Hinged Frame 

This is a very unique frame: it is a 4 loop frame that is hinged in the middle to fold up. The screws are a distance of 46 inches ( 103 cm ) from one side to the opposing side. 

Joining  two of the 3 loop mats or two of the 4 loop mats together makes a nice size sleeping mat. 

3 Loop Frame

The 3 loop frame is only 34,5 inches (77cm)from the screws along the edge of one side to the screws on the edge on the opposing side of the frame.


Make  Pillows With Milk Bag Scraps

You wanted to know about the pillows. You can use any scrap fabric that is left over from people’s sewing projects. The pillows are not as large as the ones used on beds; usually they are about 12″ by 12″  or 14″ by 14 ”. Sew them around 3 and 1/2 sides, stuff them with the milk bag scraps and then hand sew the opening closed. Stuff the pillows really well; The more you stuff them the less noise they make when you put your head on it. Hope this helps.

How to make a handbag

You asked about making a handbag: Angela made a how to video. It is easy to follow.