Spring is the time for projects: make mats!

Hi Everyone, 

Welcome to spring and the warm temperatures; let the gardening begin!!


A quick update for May, but a video and picture to let you know the project is alive and well. 

So far this year we have sent 2594 mats to people in need. Our next pick up your bags day will be Saturday, May 11th. I have many boxes of milk bags and would love to share with anyone who needs them. 

I have a picture of Nan, from Carlisle United Church. Nan has joined Erika who has been weaving mats for a few years. Welcome to our group Nan! 

Do you remember the group in Zimbabwe who sent videos that I shared with you last April? I’m thrilled to show you another video of the same people still weaving mats. It is interesting to see that they are covering their furniture with milk bag mats to protect the fabric on their couch and chairs.  Notice the precious little girl putting the scrap plastic into a pile. The people will stuff pillow cases with the scraps.  

Hope this email brings you the joy that it brings me. 

Happy Spring,