Winter is great mat weaving time…

Hi Everyone, 

Hope the new year has started out well for you. 

As you have read over and over from me, there are mats in the Ottawa area that have been piling up and have needed to be brought to Canadian Food for Children. Well, I have some good news to tell you. Brinks, the people who move money in armored vehicles drive trucks from the Ottawa area to Mississauga. Sometimes when people talk, good things happen… if you go to the news page of our  website at  you can read the whole story. Thanks to a lady named Rosemary, the local newspaper, a man from Brinks who read the story and ladies named Christina and Sandra, the Ottawa area people have transport of their mats.

Brinks at Canadian Food for Children

The Brink’s office in Ottawa is working closely with the Brink’s office in Mississauga, and the drivers and employees are all on board with this project. What a team effort!! Our precious cargo will be delivered in an armored truck… how wonderful. Thanks to everyone involved, the backlog of mats can be cleared out, people who need them can benefit and the weavers and crocheters in Ottawa can keep working, knowing their mats won’t be piling up in their basements and garages.

CFFC Warehouse volunteers with Brinks driver(on the left)

Brinks did a test drive and delivery in November to CFFC to see if this would work, and it went well. 

If my mat numbers in the next couple of months seem high, it will be because the mats in Ottawa are being cleared out and delivered to CFFC. 

Our next Pick up your Bags day at my home will be on Wednesday, February 8th. I will be here all day waiting for you to come. If you can’t make it this day, we can arrange another day that works for you. You can also pick up boxes of bags at CFFC which is open Monday to Friday from 8 AM until noon; no afternoons or weekends. 

Our current mat count for 2023 is 607 mats… way to go!

Also, if you have any extra or unused mittens, gloves, hats, and scarves, would you bring them to me.

I have requests for these items to give to children in schools who do not have appropriate winter wear. If you have yarn maybe you can knit or crochet these items or donate the yarn and I will make the winter wear while I watch TV at night. 

Blessings to all,