Bravo! 1,183 mats in January!

Hi Everyone,
Happy New Year and all the best for health, happiness and prosperity.

Our numbers have increased dramatically due to people catching up with me after our year end email in December. I am thrilled to tell you we are starting January numbers with 1183 mats.

I have some “kind of” good news.. for everyone who has wondered why I always have so many boxes of bags due to printing issues at the manufacturer, I have news that will make you happy. The bag manufacturer has a new system in place which will reduce the number of bags that they have to dispose of. Now, for all of us who like to recycle, this is good, but with fewer bags, we are going to have to use every bag we can find from our people who donate from their homes. I will still get skids of new bags, but just not so many. So.. after saying all this, right now,  I do not have boxes of bags at my home. Until we get another delivery from the manufacturer, you will have to pick up your boxes of bags at Canadian Food for Children. They are located at 1258 Lakeshore Rd. E., in Mississauga. They have 4 skids of bags, and I want 4, so I will wait until they get another 2 skids to get a full delivery to my home. I have to pay for the delivery and whether I get 2 skids or 4 it costs me $500. To maximize the delivery size, I will wait until I can get a full load of 4 skids.

More of you have sent me pics of your weaving team.
Meet a group of  retired teachers who are VERY committed and faithful;  meeting once a month at Our Lady Queen of the World Church in Richmond Hill.  They are an amazing group and I’ve had the privilege of being with them on several occasions.

Next is a new group.. new to me. Grace, reached out to me and said she gets my emails via someone and wanted to be on our communication list. Grace and her group meet in Greely, Ontario. They have been together for quite awhile and have made a few hundred mats.

Our Stoufville group is another committed group who have met for years.

The weather is cold, the kids are back to weaving in schools, and I hope you are encouraged by the emails by seeing the happy faces of people who enjoy making the mats.

Happy New Year, and all the best for health, happiness and prosperity in 2024,