Its Summertime… keep weaving!

Hi Everyone, 

Hope you are well and enjoying the nice summer weather. 
So what is happening? First, our mat count for the year is growing.. so far we have sent 2852 mats to people in need. Way to go!! Our next pick up your bags day will be on Wednesday, July 6th. I will be here all day waiting for you. If this day does not work for you, let me know and we will make other arrangements for you to get some bags. 

Waiting for volunteers to transport to Toronto

Requests: Someone in the Ottawa area (Limoges) has several hundred mats that they need to get to Toronto.  If anyone is going to be near this area and if you have room in your vehicle and the time, please let me know if you are able to bring mats back to either me or deliver them to Canadian Food for Children. I will send you the lady’s contact information once you let me know you are able to do this task. 

Frames: Is there anyone out there who has moved on from weaving mats? Would you like to give your frame away? I have 3 people looking for frames. A lady in Markham is willing to pick up a frame if you have  6 loop size. A man in Ottawa is looking for a 7 loop frame; he will even pick it up in the Toronto area and take it back to Ottawa, but he wants one of these large frames. A teacher in Durham is looking for frames. Any size will do, as she wants to start a weaving club at her school in the fall. She would likely need 3 or 4 frames.  PLEASE CONTACT US TO DONATE A FRAME.

Have a great summer,