Angela’s Year end message

Hi Everyone,
Another year has almost come to an end. I am happy that so many of you are still working at making milk bag mats. Here is an interesting piece of information.. When I heard about making mats out of milk bags in 2008, I never dreamed it would explode into something so huge. In December, 2009 a newspaper article in the Caledon Enterprise featured this project and 20 people showed up at my church to get involved in making mats. Out of the 20, a couple have passed on, but, at least 13 of us are still making mats.. I find this amazing and heartwarming. I’ve made and met so many lovely people, all kind, and giving.
I want to give you a summary of the number of mats we have made over the past years:
2008-2013.. 1353 mats
2014… 1701 mats
2015… 3517 mats
2016… 5729 mats
2017… 7255 mats
2018… 6270 mats
grand total of 25,825 mats
I know for certain that there are mats that have been delivered to the Canadian Food for Children warehouse from people who did not tell me their mat donation count. This is okay, but knowing the number, makes this an interesting bit of information for all of us. I also know there are hundreds of mats in the east coast, and we are working on getting them here.
Due to our huge connecting email list, our team has worked like “busy Canadian beavers” helping where we can. I put the word out to help bring mats from the Ottawa groups and several people came forward answering the call and getting the mats to Toronto. I put the word out for help with mat delivery from Moncton, NB.. and sure enough, one lady had 2 contacts who would be coming this way and can bring back mats. We still have mats in the east coast and hope that maybe if you or someone you know, may be able to bring them here.
With the number of mats made, the bags we have in storage ready to be woven and the bags sent overseas to help people who need a clean bag for food, we have saved 15,340,500 … million bags from going into the landfill.
I know it is a busy time of ¬†year, but if anyone would like bags, please contact me. I won’t have a specific pick up your bags day for this month, but if you want some, email me and I will give you what you need. Otherwise, there are a few hundred boxes at Canadian Food for Children and you are welcome to take them from there too. Their address is 1258 Lakeshore R. E. Mississauga. Please note, the warehouse is open from 8 AM until noon, Monday to Friday. If you go in the afternoon, the secretaries are there doing their work for getting shipments organized to the counties CFFC ships to, but the boxes of bags are heavy and the ladies cannot lift them for you. PLEASE go in the mornings when there are volunteers there packing containers. The volunteers will help you put the boxes in your vehicle.
One other thing you might be able to help me with is delivery of mats from my home in Kleinburg (Major Mackenzie and Islington) to Canadian Food for Children. I have lost a couple of drivers due to heath and other reasons, and I would really like a few people to say they can deliver once in awhile. With the drivers I have now, and with anyone who can help, I would call on you about once every month to 6 weeks. If you think you would like to do this, please let me know. If you are busy with summer things, then I would ask you a few more times when it is winter, fall or spring. Even a couple times a year would be appreciated.
With this, I wish you a wonderful holiday season, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Holidays, what ever you celebrate, may you be blessed with happiness and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2019,