Angela’s Year End Message

Hi Everyone,

Another calendar year is coming to a close. We have once again had a very productive year when it comes to making and distributing milk bag mats. As I always say, the need is great and when I watch the news, I see more grief than there should be. This month, Somalia comes to mind. The famine is of epic proportions and the heartbreak is huge. 

So far this year we have sent 5921 milk bag mats to people in need. Thank you for your support and willingness to give up your precious free time to make these mats. Pick up your bags day is a bit of an issue for me once again. I have been promised that skids of bags would be delivered to my home over and over, but my contact has had truck issues and I do not have any boxes of bags in my garage. I will keep trying to get a delivery of bags and once I do, I will let you know. For now, if you are in need of bags, please go to the Canadian Food for Children warehouse at 1258 Lakeshore Rd. E. in Mississauga. They are ONLY open 8 AM until noon Monday to Friday. There are plenty of boxes of bags there, so ask a volunteer who works there and help yourself to as many boxes as you would like. 

There is a group of weavers at the Ajax Presbyterian Church who have faithfully woven mats for years. They ceased to gather during the pandemic times, but they never gave up the project. They would take bags home, cut, tie them into strips and then pass them on to the weavers who wove the mats in their homes. They have now resumed their Monday morning meetings and are happy to be reunited again. Their pastor knows how hard they work at all kinds of eco-friendly projects and asked them to make a Christmas tree with the milk bag strips. have a look at the tree they created that sits in their church foyer for all to see. 

Ajax Presbyterian Church

I wish you a wonderful month of happiness and good times with friends and family. Merry Christmas from me, happy holidays and happy Hannukah. 

Hope we can continue working together. The January 2023 newsletter will have the stats for how many mats we have made and how many milk bags we have kept out of the landfill since Milk Bags Unlimited was started in 2008. If I get bags delivered to my home in the next couple of weeks or days, I will let you know with a follow up email. 

Blessings to all,