May may be the month to start weaving mats…

Hi Everyone, 

Hope you are well. Our project continues, and I’m happy for this. Some groups are starting to gather again, but for the most part, our work continues with people who independently weave from home. However, we have a few schools that have started up and a couple of church groups. 

April “pick up bags and drop-off mats day” in Kleinburg!

We have done amazingly well with the project during the past couple of years, and to date for 2022 we have made and sent 2009 mats. Poverty is everywhere, not just overseas; stress and turmoil add to everyone’s issues and life can be difficult. Yesterday, I heard from my friend in Nicaragua, who said it was raining like crazy and her roof has holes in it, so her house was flooded.

Nicaragua : busy group!

Two nights ago, I heard from my contact in Haiti, and he said that gangs of men with guns have taken over his community, and the people were all inside their little homes afraid to go out. 

We will continue with our work and do what we can. The next pick up your bags day will be on Wednesday, May 11th. Remember to let me know if you are coming and if this day does not work for you, let me know and we will arrange another day. 

May not be exactly as in this picture!

Do you need a frame? I have one to donate from a lady in Mississauga and one from a teacher in Markham. You need to pick them up, but they are yours and free. Let me know if you want them and I will put you in contact with the people who have them. 

Take care,