June 2016 Woven Mats are coming and going!


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This past Friday I, Bettina,  had the privilege to meet Dr. Andrew Simone who just came back from Liberia. The 40 + large mats and 27 small ones where immediately being shipped to Peru and to El Salvador. I was so in awe that I forgot to take a picture! This man still works in his medical office and spends Fridays at the Warehouse off loading donations and packing containers.I am still in shock!  Here are are just some updated figures about this year’s shipments sent away by Canadian Food for Children. This year, up to now , MILKBAGSunlimited has contributed about 2,500 sleeping mats.



Fridays mats were made by various organisations in Markham . Markham’s Milk Bag Program is a story about how people came together from across the community to create something beautiful from common milk bags. It is woven from the story of plastics in our environment, with families and friends gathering behind a good cause, and dedicated people who transform Markham’s milk bags from waste to humanitarian aid.

The finished products can be used as outdoor mats, bags, or sent to disaster struck areas world-wide as temporary sleeping and surgical mats.

To support our community’s efforts, Markham is now collecting clean milk-bags at recycling depots, incorporating milk bag activities into summer camp programs, and assisting with weaving and crocheting workshops for community groups interested in getting involved.

More were picked up from the senior residence at 1 Canterbury Place in Toronto.


Just recently, Angela spent an afternoon with grade 2 children. She had cut 2,400 bags for them into strips for weaving. In one afternoon they tied them all into loops. Amazing, how kids so young are involved in preparing the strips for older students, church groups and others to be woven into mats.

As another school year end, mats are coming in almost daily and they are sent away almost as fast!