About us

MILKBAGSunlimited was launched by Angela Kesthely in Toronto, Ontario following the devastating Haitian Earthquake of 2010.

garage matsIt all started with making mats to be used as mattresses or, table covers for surgery use. It did not stop there. The plastic outer shells of 4 litre milk bags don’t disintegrate in landfills. They are strong, colorful and can be transformed into a multitude of products other than mats, such as purses, totes, handbags, slippers …
While saving the planet from discarded, non-recyclable milk bags, the team headed by Angela realized that by giving people the tools and the coaching, income opportunities could be created: MILKBAGSunlimited became a source to micro-entrepreneurship.


Providing finished milk mats mattresses made by volunteers to people who have nothing but bare earth or cardboard to sleep on.
Collect and send much needed supplies such as wheelchairs, crutches, toys, school supplies, tools…to needy countries. We work very closely with Canadian Food for Children the renowned charity founded by Dr Andrew Simone and his wife Joan.

Creating micro-entrepreneurship around the world to allow families to have a source of income. When people, mainly women, are able to make money, they can buy food, clothing and other family necessities.

Bags. 598970_461884953863482_1760732668_nThese micro-entrepreneurs create long lasting craft items that are sold locally as well as may other items….Making bags May13

angela bondingMILKBAGSunlimited is spearheaded by Angela Kesthely which is operating under the auspices of Pan Missions Canada Inc., a registered Canadian charity formed in 1997.

MILKBAGSunlimited has no paid staff; all the people working with MILKBAGSunlimited put their time, talents and energy to promote the collection of milk bags, the production of mats, the creation of handbags and the  coaching for  people in needy countries to create micro-entrepreneurships. We have no staff, every donation of goods or money made to MILKBAGSunlimted finds its way to the people in the various countries where we work.

The Executive Team consists of the following people:

The Founder – Angela KesthelyAngela

Unstoppable, she goes to teach the  making of sleeping mats  to an ever increasing number of groups of all ages; she promotes the milk bags  recycling initiative  by participating in environmental  activities, she is a very much sought after guest speaker for the cause. Angela travels to third world countries , bringing  with her much needed  supplies of all kinds, coaches the local people on becoming mini entrepreneurs  by making, mats, bags, etc  with our Canadian milk bags, all this while Dr John Kesthely provides free dental care during the stay!  She also raises much needed funds  funds, designs patterns and directions  for many  types of beach bags, purses , slippers and more with milk bags. She holds bag pick up days for the weavers , and still finds time to work at the Dr. John Kesthely dental office, look after her family and have other hobbies!

The Contact – Bettina RothNEW ME crop
The owner of  Beauty Connections,  Bettina is an internationally  well known  multi-lingual Translator and Professional Development Specialist for the Beauty Industry as well as an award winning hair colorist,. She looks after the website, the social media pages  and answers the daily  inquires that come by  emails.