Welcome October

Hello Everyone, 
Hope you are all well. Fall is my favourite time of year; the beauty of the trees invigorates me. I think a lot of us like the fall season as we settle in on the cool nights and start our winter crafting.
Even considering this topsy-turvy lifestyle now with Covid-19 and all the concerns we have with it, it is nice to know we are chugging along with the milk bag project. I was at the warehouse this morning and so far this year we have donated 4469 mats. Many schools have stopped the project, but who knows what the future holds.. I had 2 schools start  up last week, so there is still hope that the children can continue weaving if their teacher/supervisor is creative in how it is done (maybe only one person per frame??). 
I always receive nice emails from many of you. Some people send me the news of what is going on in their group, while others have requests: Here are this months news items: 
A lady in Brampton is looking for 8 frames; she has two groups that continue to make mats. However, they need frames and are looking for 3 loop or 6 loop frames that they can cut down into 3 loop frames. If you have any and would like to donate them,  let me know and I will put you in contact with her so she can pick them up from you. If you have the frames and want to drop them off at my house this is another option and I will make sure she gets them. 
Water Bottle Caps.. for right now we have to suspend the collecting of the water bottle caps. The person who was taking them is not accepting them anymore, or at least for the time being. You can recycle the ones you have. 
Pop Can Tabs.. I’m still taking them, so keep collecting them please. 
Pick up your bags day.. October and January are usually my busiest months for picking up boxes of bags. I have many boxes that I can share with you. I am having 2 bag days this month so let me know how many boxes you would like to have and I will be here to help you load them into your car. Wednesday, October 7th will be the first day and I will be here ALL day for you. I will also be here on Saturday, October 24th, but only in the morning from 8 until noon. 
If  you want boxes of bags and live near Canadian Food for Children at 1258 Lakeshore Rd. E. Mississauga, you can pick them up from there, but remember, they are only open Monday to Friday from 8 AM until noon. 
Please let me know if you are coming for boxes of bags on either Oct. 7th or 24th. 
Stay well and blessings to you all, 
Added Request:
Someone has a large box contains at least 200 (probably more, flattened uncut milk bags and already cut strips that are 1.5″ wide and looped together to make “Plastic yarn” . This can easily be available to anyone in the Sutton, Pefferlaw, Beaverton, Cannington, Sunderland or Lindsay area.
Please contact us : info@milkbagsunlimited.ca
Hope that you all stay well,