Weaving, easier and faster than crocheting…

Update from Angela

I have started to weave the milk bags instead of crochet them into mats. The weaving is fast and easy and even school kids can do it. I was at a school the other day; they gave the kids the whole day to work on the mats. In one day a class of 23 kids made 4 mats … I could hardly believe it. Crocheting a mat can take 40 hours, weaving takes about 6.
My plan right now is to have schools, churches, and businesses get someone to make a weaving frame… I can show you how to make one. I can make one in about 20 minutes, so it is not difficult. Your work place can have a milk bag collection and at lunch time once a week or whenever you like they can weave mats. I would be willing to help you get started but I just can’t take more bags right now. If you use your bags the people can see a finished product and feel very empowered to see how they can help someone in need. I have a depot that takes the mats all over the world to a different destination every day. I can take your mats for you and get them to the depot. Some of the countries that they deliver them to are: Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Mali, Ghana, Liberia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Columbia, South Asia, and many more places.

New handbags are coming in all the time, check the images of the collection
The school year has just started and, already a number of new schools are coming on board. It’s exciting to watch the growth of the MILKBAGSunlimited initiative.