We need weavers and weaving frame makers!


Many schools have embraced this project as a charity they wholeheartedly support. But some need help!  We are appealing to you to make some wooden weaving frames for starting out groups of children and seniors who .don’t have anyone making those for them.

Girl Guide groups  around Ontario are busy weaving.

Churches are having Saturday mat making events involving their congregations.

Senior centres and homes are working on producing mats, and have a great time socializing as they work.

Many multicultural community groups have embraced this way of recycling milk bagsmilliken+

Probation offices are working hard as well. Youth who have had difficulties in the past are getting their volunteer hours by making mats. These youth love the project and see it as a rewarding way to give back to people in need.

Milk bags are coming in faster than going out. The need for sleeping mats is enormous for our own homeless people , for those in refugee camps and those  in many third world countries.

Since we are overloaded with  milk bags right now we are not able to accept any for the next while. If anyone would like to start collecting, we ask that the bags be dry and flat and delivered to a place where they are needed. All you have to do is to check the “Contacts for you” page or contact me, Bettina,   through this website. 

Our goal for 2017  is to make and send double the amount of mats as  in 2016 :  we are aiming for over 10,000. !!!

So keep the bags out of the landfills, keep your hands busy, keep providing the very much needed sleeping mats.

Thanks for your support,

Bettina & Angela