We have bags again….

Hi Everyone,
I am super excited to tell you that TODAY, over 1 million milk bags arrived at Canadian Food for Children. If you know what I mean by a large mat (6 or 7 loop frame), this means we can make over 2000 mats.
My garage has a lot of mats in it, and if the weather is not too bad tomorrow I will be delivering and bringing home boxes of bags.
If anyone wants bags and can drive to CFFC themselves, know that the skids are in 2 places, some up by the doors where the ladies sort things and more down by the loading area: Canadian Food for Children- 1258 Lakeshore East- Mississauga, ON L5E 1E9 –¬†Phone:(905) 274-9239 (It is open Monday to Friday from 9-12.)1meet_angela_7b8b979b-5dc0-4bc7-96bd-3213c582b9af_large
If you can only come to my home for bags, that is fine. I’m going to start stock piling them for a “pick up your bags day” for March 13. If this day is not good for you, let me know and you can come by when it is good for you.
We are back in business, and I’m thrilled,
Thank you Hood Packaging, your donations help us help others!