Hi Everyone, 
I know I don’t usually send emails mid-month, but I need your help. Milk bag mats are in desperate need for the homeless all over southern Ontario. I have sent them downtown numerous times, some to Cambridge today and when I got home from work this evening, I had a phone message from a mission in Hamilton which needs some. 
I don’t know if the need is because of people on the streets due to Covid or if missions are hearing how well they insulate people from the cold ground. 
If you have mats piling up around  your house, would you please bring them to my place. Just leave them in front of the garage door and I will see that they go to the missions. If you need more bags, let me know and I will leave them out for you. ( Note : If you don’t have the address in Kleinburg click here!
I will send my monthly newsletter in a couple of weeks. I have a story written by a girl who used to be homeless and how much she appreciated receiving a mat. 
Thanks in advance for your help,