Update Summer 2018

Hi Everyone,
I hope your summer is going well and you are enjoying time with family and friends.
All is going well with the milk bag project and it never seems to stop for the summer, but different people and groups start all the time and the weaving continues. Our total mats made so far for 2018 is now over 3800.. I think that is pretty awesome, and so many people have benefited from your willing hands.
I wanted  you all to know that I have been able to stockpile new boxes of bags for your weaving needs. For those of you who would like some bags, I’m going to have a “pick up your bags” day in August. I will be home waiting for you on August 16th for anyone who would like to come by to get what you need. As always, please let me know if you are coming and how many boxes you would like. This way I can plan my day and also help you load your vehicle. If you have mats, please bring them and we will swap them for more bags. I will, as usual, arrange for the mats to get to Canadian Food for Children so they can be donated and sent overseas to the poor.
On a fun note, I am including a photo of a dress I made out of milk bags. About 5 weeks ago I was given a challenge to make a dress for a fashion show where all the clothes  are made from recycled products. It was fun to make and has been quite the conversation piece around my home. I don’t think wearing this would be fun on a hot day, but for charity, I would wear it.
Let me know if you can make it here on August 16th,
AngelaAngela dress