Tour of the depot and spoke to some of the regular volunteers

From the depot1Just thought I would send you an update on the project. I was at the depot twice last week when I was able to take 60 mats and 120 pillows. When I got there I had the opportunity to have a tour of the facility and to talk to some of the regular volunteers. They told me to never worry about the mats as being junky garbage, they said they are in need of as many as we can make because people all over the world have nothing to sleep or sit on.

They took me into a room where there are thousands of photos. Supposedly, their one request from places that receive food and other donations such as milk bag mats is that they send a photo. The people who donate the food want proof that ordinary citizens get the donations. I was told I could take photos of milk bag mats. The photo I’m sending was taken in Honduras. There were many photos of people in Africa… I think I was traumatized, the poverty was overwhelming.

From the depot2
Here is the photo of the stack of mats I delivered to the depot. One of the men at the depot took my photo, but just know that even though he shows me from waist up, that below my waist there are mats to the floor and about 12 bags of pillows. While I was there the container was being filled with a lot of died food like rice, beans, split peas and lentils. All the mats were put into the container and it all went to Ghana, Africa. Should be there in about 6 weeks.