The merry month of May

Hi Everyone,
It’s been a busy month both personally and with milk bag activities. I took a load of mats to the depot this morning and had a full van with 41 big, adult sized mats that went right on the container to Honduras. As of today we have sent just over 2000 mats for this year, and that means we have saved one million bags from going into the landfill since January.. I like that and so do so many of you.


finished sleeping mats
finished sleeping mats
The bags we get are not only used for mats. Just so you know, the women in many countries line up for a food donation with nothing to carry their rice, pasta, beans, etc. We have been sending milk bags with the mats and with the shipments so ladies can have a clean bag to take their food home. I want to say a HUGE thank you to Hood Packaging which donate so many bags to me for this cause. Hood Packaging make 98% of all the milk bags in Canada. Without them we would not be able to make all the mats we make and also provide a clean bag for the ladies who take food to their families.
My shipment of bags to Nicaragua has arrived and are in a warehouse ready for me to teach the women there how to make the mats. As you know I will be in Nicaragua for a couple of weeks in October. We had a meeting yesterday and the sewing ladies wanted me to give you all a huge thanks for all the pillow cases and sewing notions. They will be used to teach young ladies how to make everything from dresses, hats, pin cushions, pyjamas and diapers.
When the Canadian ladies teach the Nicaraguan women how to sew, their children are looked after with daytime activities. The children do crafts, sing, read stories and have active games to keep them occupied. The child care workers are now asking if anyone has old colouring books and markers. Colouring is one activity they do with the children. I was told they must fill in every space and none of the pictures are wasted. Even if you have books that have some pages coloured, I will still take your books as the ladies tear out the coloured pages and use the uncoloured pictures. Also, the kids seem to like markers, not crayons, so if you have some, please save them for me. I have a stack of colouring books my children did not use, so I’m donating mine.. now I have another good sized space in my cupboard.. yeah!
Summer is coming, but the occasional weaving time is still a great way to spend an afternoon. My next pick up your bags day will be Thursday, June 22, please let me know your order/number of boxes of bags you would like.
All the best,