The Busy season has started!

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to fall, my favourite season with fresh air and a fresh start to another mat making year. My garage has been like a swinging door with friends from the past and new ones for me to meet as they come and go with their precious treasures of milk bags and mats. Mats keep going to CFFC and I am so thankful for all the work everyone does to make this project succeed.
The need for mats is so great. I look at Indonesia and the Philippines and my heart just breaks. We all know that pictures on TV are shocking, but can you imagine the devastation the people are living in after their earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones. Unbelievable!!! I have had people phone me and ask if we can get mats to these countries, but all I can say is I send where there is transport. If any one knows of agencies or church groups that are sending shipments, please, tell them to contact me and I will share mats with them.
I have a special request this month from someone in Ottawa. She has many many mats in her basement and needs help with transport to Canadian Food for Children in Mississauga. She is not the only group in Ottawa and I’m sure the other groups are in the same situation.. lots of mats and no way to get to Mississauga. If any one knows of someone who is coming from Ottawa and could deliver a load our partners in Ottawa would greatly appreciate it. We even have a place outside of Coburg where mats could be delivered. The man who lives there has just built a new barn for storage of items that he delivers to CFFC. If someone reading this has a business and is delivering something to Ottawa by truck and coming back here empty, would you consider bringing back the mats? Any help would be appreciated.
Pick up your bags day will be on Saturday, October 13th this month. Please let me know if you are coming.. right now I only have 4 boxes of bags in my garage, so I will have to stock up with what I have in my friend’s barn.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone,