October 2016 Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone,
I am writing with a thankful heart for all your work to help the poor in our world. The devastating hurricane this past week had brought a lot of pain, suffering and death. With regards to Haiti, I have heard from 2 of my 3 contacts there. They report that their families are all okay, but they are hungry and need clothing. The wind and rain, brought the mud from the mountains. The gardens are covered in mud or washed out, so the crops are ruined. Animals have drowned and they were a source of income with meat, milk, eggs, etc. Mud huts have been washed away, tents have blown away, shacks have been blown away too. Clothes and possessions are gone, and most “solid” buildings are flattened. At this time, they need help; they are starting from scratch all over again. Food is being brought into the country. I know for a fact that the day of the hurricane they did not eat, and then the next day there was no food to even buy. Global Medic reported last night on CBC that they are bringing in water purification systems. They can make thousands of litres of clean water a day with their systems. Cholera has begun with the dirty water and filth in the country, so clean water is a priority right now. Haiti is not the only country in trouble but I write about it because it is fresh in our minds.
If you look at the attached photos you will see our mats are in Ghana, Africa. I received the pictures in August and forgot to send them in my last email. Photos are good as it proves the people have the mats we spend so much time making.
ghana-west-africa-2016-1                                     ghana-west-africa-2016-2
I am having another “Pick up your Bags Day” on Thursday, October 27 from 1 PM until 9 PM. If anyone would like to swap mats for more bags, or if you want bags to help get other groups started weaving.. please email me and let me know how many boxes you would like. As usual, I do NOT have all the boxes you want here right now, they are in storage. You need to tell me how many you would like and I will get them here for you for that day. Boxes have 2400 milk bags in them and weigh about 50 pounds a box.. heavy, but I can lift them and will help you put them in your vehicle.
This is a weekend to remember to be thankful for all we have. Happy Thanksgiving and bless you all,