Hi Everyone, 
Hope you are all well. The summer is here, the covid vaccinations are getting into arms and life is looking like it will return to “normal” very soon… YEAH!!
It’s been a quiet month as far as news goes, but mats are still being dropped off either at my home or at Canadian Food for Children. Some of you have found other places to donate your mats and this is great. Thank you for sending me your number of mats being donated so I can add them to our list. So far this year we have donated 3280 mats. Well done everyone!!
I have frames to donate. Two places have decided to stop weaving and they gave me their frames to pass on to  anyone who would like to have one. I have three of the 6 loop frames, one 4.5 loop frame and one 4 loop frame. They are FREE and in my garage available to anyone who has an SUV, van or truck and would like to come and get one or more of them. Let me know. First come, first serve. 
As well, I have many boxes of bags in my garage. Right now, I have a pretty busy schedule with family commitments so I won’t be having a specific pick up your bags day this month. Email me, and we will coordinate our schedules and I will give you bags or frames (or both). 
Enjoy the nice weather and hope to hear from you,