Summer is finally here!

Hi Everyone,
It’s been a busy month, or should I say 3 months. April was Earth month, then May had the overflow of commitments and now school has finished for the summer. Teachers have been dropping off hundreds of mats as they clear out their classrooms. As of this morning with 2 loads of mats taken to Canadian food for Children we have sent 6529 mats since January. Thank you to all who have done so much so far this year.
Many of you continue to weave throughout the summer, and my next “pick up your bags day” will be on Thursday, July 18th. Let me know if you are coming to get your supply of milk bags. If you are in need of bags and cannot make it for the 18th, let me know and I will arrange a time that will work for you.
One thing that would make accepting the mats a bit easier would be of they were rolled or folded and then tied at both ends with a string of milk bag plastic. I have spent over 15 hours this month tying mats. It takes only a few minutes to tie your mat once it comes off the frame, but when I get hundreds of mats, it takes me hours to tie them. The reason I tie the mats is that it makes it much easier for the volunteers to handle them at the warehouse. The mats are  either stacked on pallets or stuffed around boxes, so you can  imagine what it would look like if a pile of untied mats fell off a  pallet. I know the volunteers are busy and I don’t want extra work for them as they pack the containers to go overseas.
Happy Canada Day, and enjoy the summer.. with a little weaving on the side.
Take care,