Summer is almost over

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all well, it has been a hot summer with lots of humidity and I’m looking forward to cooler nights as September comes upon us.
The milk bag project never stopped during the summer, and I’m excited to tell you we have sent 4511 mats since January of this year. I went to Canadian Food for Children this morning and the warehouse is full of food for the container donations. The volunteers were hot and sweaty but were happy doing their work. If anyone would like to spend a morning there doing some volunteer work with the donations, I’m sure the people there would love to have your help.
I look at September as New Years.. I think Canadians have 2 New Years, the actual one in January and then in September when we psychologically think of summer being over and getting back to our usual routines. Thus, with old routines ready to start I will be having a pick up your bags day on Tuesday, September 18th. As usual, if this day does not work for you, I will try to accommodate you on another day or I will have boxes outside my garage in case I’m not home.
Please let me know if you are coming by so I can make sure to have what you need. I will help you load your vehicle if the boxes are too heavy for you.
Thanks for your involvement and Happy New Year,