Summer has arrived

Hi Everyone, 
Hope you are all well and enjoying the summer weather. Someone asked me if the milk bag project is over; my response was, “No, we are still at it.” We have slowed down due to people not being able to get together to weave as a group, but I still get many mats from people who are weaving on their own. In fact, new people have picked up the project and have come to my home to get bags to start independent weaving with their children. This activity can be enjoyed by almost every age group. 
I have students who have come to me to start their school volunteer hours. They have gotten a parent or a friend to make them a frame and they are busy weaving. If you know any students who would like to make mats, please have them contact me for bags. 
In the month of June we sent  271 mats to various places. Our grand total for the year is 3403 mats.
I am going to have a “pick up your bags day” this month on Wednesday, July 8th.  If this day does not work for you, let me know and we will arrange another day for you to get your milk bag supplies. Also, please let me know if you are coming with how many boxes you would like so I can make sure to have enough to supply everyone. I will be home all day (evening included) to give you your boxes of bags. 
I have a fellow weaver in Streetsville, Mississauga who has decided to retire from making mats. She has 2 frames and 2 boxes of bags which she would like to donate. If you are interested in getting her supplies, email me and I will give you her phone number  so you can connect with her.  
I hope you have joy, hope, courage and kindness as you are staying closer to home at this time.