March 2016 SPRING IS IN THE AIR…..

So much is going on! E- mails requesting information are coming in fast every day!

The milk bags that are used to make mats are the ones that hold the 3 smaller bags. Colorful, the bags are made of strong plastic and are UV resistant. They last over 25 years in the heat of the sun, bugs and snakes avoid them, they don’t retain moisture and are washable. In 2008 when Angela first started the milk bags mats mouvement the outer bags of the 3 liter milk bags were crocheted. I t was tedious work: students quickly tired of the time it took to make them and seniors with arthritis found it difficult to hold crochet hooks.

In the past few years the crocheted mats , have been replaced by woven ones which are much lighter and softer as well as very easy and quick to make. This past year we were able to donate close to 4,000 mats. Most of them were sent away  to needy countries through Dr. Andrew Simone’s ” Canadian Feed the Children” Charity and some were distributed to homeless people through local charities. Every week mats are being loaded into containers going to needy countries.


We would like to thank the people who have gone to the Canadian Food for Children warehouse at  1258 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON , L5E 1E9 to pick up some of the over 800,000 bags brand new bags donated by Agropur in Cornwall. Getting  unused, clean bags that are either misprinted or have expired information on them are very much appreciated by our weaving partners.

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Angela , along with precious volunteers, participates in ecology friendly events and teaches the basics of weaving to new groups that are joining us! She is fully booked for months to come. She is off to the Maritimes for what was supposed to be a break which is turning out into a whirlwind promotional and educational tour. Says Angela: “To go and work with students in many of the schools and universities and interact with community groups of all ages  is amazing.”

Our volunteers keep picking up and delivering finished mats to the Warehouse… We have delivered over 750 so far this year and they keep coming!.

Every day people send e- mails wanting to donate bags…. this is a bit of al challenge because we don’t have drop off areas and we have to contact our volunteer groups to find out if they can use some. From the humble beginnings when we collected crumpled bags, organized bag sorting, flattening  and cutting  days at a local church, we have grown so much that we don’t have the time to do this anymore. Now the bags that we accept for our weaving volunteers have to be flattened,and put into  copy paper boxes .


Our volunteers keep picking up and delivering finished mats to the Warehouse…  I believe that we have delivered about 200 so far in 2016. and many more have to be picked up.

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Information about collecting bags, making frames, weaving are found in the “HOW TO ” page of this website.