Spring is here…

Hello Everyone,
I trust you are all well and looking forward to the nice weather and the promise of spring. 
Not much has been happening lately as far as news, but I can tell you that our mat count this month has gone way up. I think everyone who has been weaving over the winter has decided to clear out their storage area and deliver their mats. Our total for 2021 is up to 1585 mats.. wow, thank you and way to go!! For those of you who have found making the mats a way to fill your days during this Covid time, I am happy you have found solace doing this project; it not only helped you, it helps others. 
Canadian Food for Children, where most of our mats go to is now open and they are taking deliveries. If you live nearby, take  your mats there and they will make sure they will be sent overseas to people in need. If you live near me, bring them to my home and I will make sure they get to CFFC. I still send mats to the homeless in our areas, but for the most part our mats go abroad. There are boxes of milk bags at the warehouse, and you are welcome to take as many as you think you need to continue with your weaving or crocheting. Just make sure you go to the warehouse ONLY between 8 AM and noon, Monday to Friday. They are not open for deliveries in the afternoons or on the weekends. 
A little piece of housekeeping.. please either roll or fold your mats and tie them with a piece of milk bag string on either end. I have to tie all the mats that come in and it takes a long time to do this when I get van loads at a time. It is always nice to have them tied so they pack nicely into the containers with the other supplies that the people at the warehouse are packing for overseas. 
I am going to start having pick up your bags day again; this month the day will be Wednesday, April 7th. You can always email me and let me know if this day does not work for  you, and we will make other arrangements for you to drop off mats or get more bags, but it is nice to try and  consolidate a date so I have enough boxes for everyone. Please let me know if you are coming so no one arrives here later in the day and I am out of boxes. If you don’t know my address, email me and I will give it to you. 
Stay well everyone,