We need woven mats….


We are unable to accept milk bags because of COVID-19. We do not know when we , the schools and other groups will be taking them on again at this time. It might not be until mid-2021. Most of the groups who have been steadily weaving mats are currently disbanded . Those and the individuals  who are still active are working with brand new bags that are misprinted and sent to us by the dairies. Please keep the milk bags, if you can, check back later on our website  for any update on when we plan on resuming things.


Hi Everyone, 

Hope you are well and staying safe. The colder weather is upon us and if we are working that is great, if not, well, I suggest crafting and making milk bag mats. 
Things are progressing quite well; we have delivered 4906 mats to people in need since January.
In the October Newsletter I mentioned that 2 schools were making mats. I have had a few people ask me  how this is being done when all clubs and groups have been cancelled due to Covid -19. Here is the answer:
The teachers who are weaving DO NOT have a club where students of various ages join and weave on a lunch hour. The interested teacher has a frame in her/his classroom and only the students in that class work on that frame. The children can bring in milk bags from their families, but there is not a general collection of bags from everyone in the school. Obviously, they will not have enough bags to make mats, so the teachers are getting the new bags, which are donated by the manufacturer who have deemed them as seconds and not useable for the dairies. These bags are free from germs, clean, flat and lovely to work with. 
Boxes of these clean milk bags can be picked up from Canadian Food for Children in Mississauga any week day from 8 AM until noon, or you can get them from me. I will have a “Pick up your Bags” day on Thursday, November 12th this month. If you cannot make it on that day, let me know and we will make alternate arrangements for you to get your bags. 
Someone in Mississauga has a frame to donate and if you would like to have it, please email me and I will put you in contact with her so you can make arrangements to get it. 
That’s it for this month.. hope to hear from you, and please stay happy and healthy.