Shipment of flattened milk bags is leaving for Haiti

Haiti image. downloadThis afternoon a shipment of flattened milk bags is leaving for Haiti. The local micro-entrepreneurs are anxious to receive more material so that they can work on the weaving frames that they learned to construct as well as make more bags.

This year we will be able to send away more the 1,000 mats!

One of our partner high schools made 6 weaving frames; on April 12 50 people will come together at a church to work on mats. They will probably be able to do 10 mats on that day.

On May 1, Angela will be at a Church in Ajax to do a promotional display about MILKBAGSsunlmited.

May 7, we go to do an interactive exhibit at the York Regional Catholic School Board . This is the Education Week event where children and teachers will be able to try their hand at weaving. We will also be able to raise some funds at this event since they are encouraging us to brings some bags for sale.

This is very encouraging; Many people see the value of the projects, but few businesses keen to help. We need people like you to influence some of those businesses. Contrary to many charities businesses support, we are a charitable organization run only with unpaid volunteers under auspices of : reg. No. 86450 5086 PR001