September message from Angela


Hello everyone,


I am hoping you have all had a nice summer, the weather has been hot, but I must say, we have had a lot of sun and that’s what our gardens love.


As we move into the fall season, our minds wander to cooler temps and getting back into our regular routines. I’ve had a slower summer, but people still drop by to bring me mats and take bags. My goal for 2016 was to collect 4032 mats (2016 x 2).. we are almost there with over 3900 mats. Over the years we have made more than 10,000 mats and with the bags I have in storage we have kept 6.7 million milk bags out of the landfill… wow eh? I am amazed by the dedication of all of you. The mats have continued to be a blessing to so many in need. So far, I have not been told to slow down, so we will proceed with our project and keep making mats.


I would like to have a “pick up your bags day” this month. I know for the teachers you need time to get your weaving club organized, but eventually you will need bags. For anyone who is not a teacher, but wants to get a fresh supply of bags, I’ve got what you need to get going again.

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I’m offering up a couple of days this month for pick ups. Thursday, Sept. 22 and Thursday, Sept 29th are days I will be here for you. All I need to know is how many boxes of bags you would like. At the moment, I have about 40 boxes of new bags in my garage. Each box has enough plastic to make 4.5 large adult mats. The nice thing about these bags is they are flat and clean. Let me know how many boxes you would like, and I will have what you need here. I still have 2 storage places where I keep more boxes of bags, but you need to let me know how many you want so I can have enough here for all your requests.


One other thing. I have a friend who collects milk bags and he has over 2000 all flat and in his garage. He is moving in the fall and would like to know if there is anyone who would be able to go to his home to get the bags. He lives near John St. and Yonge St. If anyone lives near there, let me know if you can pick up from him. I will give you his contact information as soon as you tell me you would like to have the bags


Enjoy the rest of this beautiful season. I look forward to hearing from you,