Report from Rwanda

A plane load of supplies were sent  by a mission to Rwanda this past summer. The St Andrew’s Presbitarian Church in Ajax/Pickering  helped with filling this shipment. As you can see in the pictures, sleeping mats were part of the shipment. Those were arranged thanks to volunteer Anne Johanisse.
 The first picture shows the unpaved road that gets so muddy during the rainy seasons that it is almost impossible to drive on it and shoes get lost in the mud!
Road (1)
The other 2 pictures are from youngsters that live on the streets and sleep in the bushed. They were told that they can not sell the mats and have to keep them safe. ” I have never slept on anything so soft ” said one boy. The mission people were commenting on how clean those boys were, considering that thay had no running water and had to depend on storing rainwater for their nees.
 Street boys unnamed (1)  Rowanda 1