October 2014

Hello dear friends,

Time keeps slipping by and I am remiss in writing my news letter. I hope you are all well, and you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was blessed to be able to go to Moncton with my husband and son to meet up at my mom’s place and spend the weekend with my mother, brother and our other 2 son’s who attend university down east. It is a long drive, but well worth it. The colours of the trees in Quebec and northern New Brunswick were spectacular, and were a beautiful pic of the beauty God has blessed us with.

What’s up with the milk bags? Well, things are pretty busy around here. Milk bags are flying out of the barn and my garage like I have a giant sale on them. I of course don’t charge for milk bags, but it is so wonderful to see people get involved and want the bags. I’m thankful for the good supply of bags we have in the barn. Pretty soon I’m going to put out the word to start collecting in the schools again (probably by the new year).

I have spent a lot of time with the Girl Guides this fall. They are very receptive to mat making and use the craft for an international badge that they get when they spend time weaving. A couple of weeks ago I was in Ottawa at a camp working with over 170 guides and leaders. It poured rain on the day we made mats, but the cabin we were in was toasty warm and their hands and hearts dug into the work at full force. In one day we completed 7 adult sized mats and one more is almost ready to come off of the frame… pretty good days work. The camp has a large storage area so the frames will stay there for the winter and when there are camps the girls will have a mat making activity to work on. I’m also going to a few girl guide clubs here in metro in the next few weeks.

Besides this, there are seniors who have started the project, as well as new schools and ones that continue the work from schools I’ve been to in the past.

The weaving is easy and everyone, young and old love doing it. We have sent 1276 mats to the depot this year. I’m hoping we can top that up to about 1400 by Christmas. Since September we have sent a couple of deliveries of mats to Guatemala, one to Peru and another to Sierra Leone. I’ve had requests to send them to the middle east, but the only thing I’ve been able to ship there are clothes and suitcases. Everything I send to the middle east is going in a few weeks to Lebanon to be given to the Syrian refugees.

IMG_0029On November 30, Bettina and I were priviledged to be invited to the Diwali Celebration at the Thornhill Senior Citiziens Club in Thorhill where we were presnted with a mound of mats made by the members.

I was able to send milk bags to Brazil in August with a missionary who took the project to an orphanage. The orphanage is a home for teenage girls and the girls loved the work. I made a video on how to make a handbag and even one girl who is blind is working away and loving the craft. They now want to make mats, so I want to find a way to ship boxes of bags to them. As well, Ricot, in Haiti, has told me he has new ladies who have joined the group of women, who work with bags and they need a shipment. I wrote to Air Transat a few weeks ago and they did not have room for another shipment of bags at the time. I thought I would wait for a month and then contact them again to see if we can send the Haitians more bags.