November is here!

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all well as we are now getting into the cooler fall weather. Also hope you are busy and happy as you participate in weaving milk bag mats. Our number of mats for the year so far has jumped up to 5393 and this is wonderful.
Remember in my October newsletter how I asked for help to get mats out of Ottawa and transported to either me or to Canadian Food for Children? Well, in a matter of a day or so from writing the newsletter  I had 3 people respond and say they were going to Ottawa and would connect with the mat makers to bring mats back to Toronto. So, I am trying again.. I’ve just come back from a trip out east to visit my family. On one of the afternoons, I was with a mat making team in Moncton, NB. The lady in charge of the project has a garage full of mats, all tied and neatly packed away ready for transport. The ladies there asked me if I could put the word out for people who might be going out east and could help them with a pick up of mats. You could either bring the mats to me or take them directly to Canadian Food for Children. If anyone can help out, it would be greatly appreciated. Let me know and I will connect you with my friend in Moncton.
pick up your bags day… Right now, I am low on bags; so please encourage everyone in your circle of friends to save their bags. If I get a shipment of unusable bags from my supplier I will write another email so you can get a good supply for your weaving needs.
Take care,
The Good Shepherd Village Seniors made a couple of mats and the City of Markham had us pick up 10 this week. We also have a a few deliveries made to the Canadian Food for Children from local schools.
The need is great right now…keep on weaving!