News Flash

HI Everyone,
I wanted everyone to know that we received a donation of new milk bags from Hood Packaging. They are now available for pick up at Canadian Food for Children at 1258 Lakeshore Rd. E. Mississauga. The warehouse is open from 8 AM until noon, Monday to Friday. People will be there to show you where the bags are and there may be students able to help  you get the boxes of bags into your vehicle. PLEASE DO NOT go to the warehouse in the afternoon. Angela will shortly announce the date for a Pick up your bags Day  in Kleinburg for people who cannot make it to the warehouse.
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1. Lorraine in Cornwall has 50 boxes of new bags and she would like to share what she has.. if you live in Ottawa, around Cornwall or near there, please contact Lorraine and she will gladly share boinfo@milkbagsunlimited.caes of bags with you.Click here to contact us
We are already booking for Fall:  don’t wait  put in your request NOW for help from Angela and other volunteers.