New process (Woven Mats)

Great news from Angela

I had some people come to visit me from Pickering a few weeks ago. They brought mats for me to send to the depot, but instead of them being crocheted, they were woven. As you know, we have been crocheting them, and I love to do it, but it is difficult for children to do and for people who have arthritis. After the people left my home, I decided to make a loom… (I am not a carpenter, but I did it). Anyway, I was able to make an adult size mat (6 feet long) in about 5 hours. This is really quite amazing, and the same number of bags is required as a crocheted mat. I have so many bags in storage that there is no way we can crochet them all up to make mats and I’ve had to put a stop to the collecting of bags in the schools. I feel badly about this because it is such a wonderful way to recycle the milk bags.

I have an idea though… Look at my pictures and you will see the loom I made. This one actually broke, and I’ve made another with 2 by 4’s and it is solid and will last for a long time. I am thinking that if we could get one person from each school, business, church, etc to make a loom, set it up in a classroom or office, a mat could be made easily. Even kids can weave the plastic, and in this way we can keep the collecting of milk bags going. The schools and places of business can make mats and instead of bringing the bags to my house you can bring mats which I can get to the depot. We will be able to increase mat production, which is a good thing.