More than 8 years… and the needs for sleeping mats is growing….


In January it will be 9 years when a major earthquake  devastated much of Haiti, this is when the indefatigable Angela Kesthely and her ever growing group of volunteers started MILKBAGSunlimited;


More than 8 years of keeping millions of non-biodegradable milk bags out of landfills;img_2373garage-mats

More than 8 years…going from painstaking crocheting to easy and fast weaving of the mats;

More than 8 years of designing and creating large and small  bags which are sold to help for the covering of expenses;

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More than 8 years of media interviews, from print to TV;

More than 8 years of daily inquiries and reports of achievements by students, seniors, youth, community and church groups;

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More than 8 years to thank you for helping the less fortunate; know that all your contributions have been very much appreciated;


Angela has travelled to third world countries to teach the locals the skills of  making resalable items with milk bags.


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Agropur, not only supplies us with unused bags on an ongoing basis, but this wonderful group just made mats themselves. Angela and Philip travelled to Montreal and coach the participants from Agropur in making sleeping mats.

Agropur 1    Agrpur 2n   Garopur 3

The students at the Acton High School, under the directions of Ms. Amy Kovich just contributed 4 mats, complete with pillows.

Here is also a lovely photo of one of our team at Christie Gardens in Toronto. They have a craft show every year the first week of November called the Holly Sale.


John McCulloch has been spearheading the regular making of mats at Christie Gardens for a long time now.

They sold knee pads, beach and other bags. The money collected from the sales goes directly to our much-needed financial fund.