More October News

More milk bag news. I received a phone call from a lady in Alliston . She is part of the Rotary Club there and along with 2 other Rotary clubs they are delivering recycled school desks, and books as well as other things to Tanzania, Africa. They want as many mats as I can give them to put around the supplies so they won’t shift in the containers. The first shipment leaves on Nov 15, after that they intend on sending 14 more containers over the next year. We will still send mats to our regular place, but we will help out these people too.Tanzania shipment 3

On another note, we sent 65 mats to the depot yesterday. I have been told these mats are going directly to the Ebola epicentre of Sierra Leone. This is amazing that we can help in our little way by providing mats for these poor people.