May news….


That you can post and communicate with each other about matters relating to  Milk Bags through our new Facebook Group : FRIENDS OF MILKBAGSunlimited?

Angela has been busy this month!

My my, the time does fly by! It seems that the end of the month comes quickly and I’m writing another newsletter. 

Milk Bags Unlimited is a going concern. People are happy and tell me their stories and most of them end up by saying, that the project has given them focus and something that makes them happy. 

Not only did Canadian Food for Children get mats this month, but St. Vincent received approximately 440. Just know that your work is appreciated and making a difference in people’s lives, and I thank you for your dedication to this project. 

I get many emails and the one I am going to tell you about comes with photos. I have a friend in the Ottawa area who made a mat on one of her backyard fence panels. She made this mat to see if milk bags really stand up to wear and tear and weather conditions. Through 3 years of wind, rain, snow, searing summer heat and freezing winter temperatures the mat still looks amazing. Check out these photos ? Pretty cool eh? 



This same lady in Ottawa has over 200 mats ready to be delivered to CFFC. Covid and “stay at home” orders have made it difficult to get the mats to Mississauga or to me in Kleinburg. If anyone is going close to Limoges near Ottawa, and can help with a delivery or partial delivery, you can contact to be connected with  Sandra. Sandra is willing to either have you come to her house to pick up or to meet you somewhere at a mutually convenient place and time.  If you go to her house, you may be able to see her fence experiment!! 

Our mat count for 2021 is now at 2911.  Our next “pick up your bags day” will be on Wednesday, June 9th. Let me know if you are coming so I am sure to have enough boxes of bags on hand. I will also take your mats and have them delivered to where they are needed. 

Someone has one box of new milk bags in the Islington/Albion Road area. if you live close to there and would like to have this box of bags, let me know and I will give you the person’s email address. 

We have a free 6 loop frame in the Newmarket/Aurora area up for grabs. Again, let me know if you would like to have it, so I can connect you to the owner. 

Someone in the West Mall area (427 and Eva Rd) would like to have three 3 loop frames. if you have frames that you are not using and would like to give, sell, or loan, please let me know. 

Our group is larger than most think, and the emails come in and I try to be the person who puts our needs all together in a concise manner. Hopefully, this month’s news encourages you to keep on going. 

Be well, and hope to hear from you either through or  FRIENDS OF MILKBAGSunlimited