May 2020 is over

Hi Everyone,
 Life is definitely different during this Covid-19 Pandemic, and I hope with all my heart that you are okay. The milk bag project continues, but obviously in a different way. Many people weave mats as an outlet for their own happiness and as I’ve been told “for their mental health.” We also have people weaving in seniors residences as they are not seeing family members and it has become an outlet to socialize with their friends. However, church groups, business volunteer work and schools are not weaving.
I have been able to send mats to many different places, so they are moving. I also have a couple of places where I have stored milk bags, not bags from homes, but the ones that would have been disposed of due to various issues at the milk bag manufacturer. I have many boxes of bags in my garage and you are welcome to have as many as you would like to continue with the work. These bags are clean, and since at this time when we are very concerned about contamination, know that you will be working with bags that others have not handled. Many people have come to my home for boxes of bags, and if you want some, let me know, I will supply you. 
Our mat count is down with respect to where we were last May, but I must say, we are doing very well. So far this year we have sent 3127 mats to people in need. 
Angela’s garage
If anyone knows social workers who may need mats for their clients, have them contact me and I will give them mats. 
Any day can be “milk bag pick-up day,” just email me and we will set up a time that is convenient for both of us. 
Stay well, 
Note form Bettina, 
As all the schools are closed , so are all the groups that are making mats as well as the warehouses and other spaces that accept milk bags.
You will have to hang on to them until the volunteer waivers get back into action. 
When things open up, you will be able to get an update about some places on the “contact for you” of our website.
Stay safe!