Mats travel to fill a need

Hi Everyone, I received some photos in the mail from Dr. Simone at Canadian Food for Children. I was so excited to see these pictures and I am sure you will be too. Keep up the good work everyone. If you need milk bags, let me know, I have a lot.

PS. all the photos were taken this year.. 2015

1I will tell you a bit about each photo. First one.. shows we have milk bags in El Salvador. This little boy’s name is Jose. He was a starving child and now he is healthy and happy thanks to food and other donations from Canadian Food For Children.
2I am not sure where this pic was taken, but the Newmarket Seniors should be very happy to see that this little boy is sitting on a woven mat from their loom at the Seniors Centre
3These boys are from Honduras. Two of the mats are crocheted and the one on the right is woven. I know these mats are from us because I tied them with bows.
4This photo was taken in Guatemala. The little boy’s name is Miguel Angel Gabriel Perez Guerra. He is 5 years old. He looks happy to have his mat.

These photos are wonderful for us to see our efforts are making a difference in the world. 

I have been promised photos from a mission in Rwanda.. when I get them I’ll forward some to  you.