Mats…Mats…Mats and more!

Hi Everyone,
Hello to all of you and I hope you all had a wonderful Canada Day weekend. The school year has come to an end and I want to say thank you to all the teachers and students who have participated in the milk bag mat project. The mats keep coming and coming as the teachers drop off what their students have made. I am truly grateful. In the past week we have sent 4 van loads of mats and I have enough mats in my garage for at least another 2 loads. I was talking to a lady from Ottawa yesterday and they are bringing even more mats to me next week. The Ottawa people have to bring their mats to me as Canadian Food For Children is only open in the morning and they cannot get to the depot before closing. I would like to ask if anyone would be willing to be on the driving list to take mats to the depot. If you can only go once a month or once in awhile I would like to hear from you. I have great people taking mats but I don’t want to burden them with too many deliveries. If you feel you would like to help out by doing a delivery once in awhile, then please let me know. You would be going to Lakeshore Rd. and Dixie in Mississauga. I will give you their address if you would like to help.
Our total number of mats for 2017 has reached almost 3200. I was at the depot last Friday and met up with Dr. Simone, the man who runs Canadian Food For Children. He spoke with me and told me he had just gotten back from Peru visiting the mission. He said women were picking through the dump looking for a decent bag to use for their food donation. When I got home, I quickly emailed Hood Packaging  and now more milk bags are heading to the warehouse. As well as our mats, Dr. Simone sends boxes of milk bags in the containers so the women have clean bags for their food donation.
I also want to highlight the efforts of the mom of one of my good friends. Her name is Mrs. H. One of her daughters works for Sobey’s Grocery stores in Toronto. Sobey’s loves the milk bag project and 5 stores have a milk bag collection. Mrs. H gets the bags and flattens them VERY neatly and puts them in boxes. Many of you have received boxes of bags flattened by her. Mrs. H. keeps a record of all the bags she flattens.. I found out this weekend that she has flattened, 996 750 bags since December 2013. I thought it would be nice to acknowledge Mrs. H for all her work. An amazing amount of time has been spent by this very giving lady.
Besides milk bags, some of you know I collect pop tabs and used stamps. Why?? Well, for the past 30 years I have collected pop tabs and I’ve given them to Mrs. H. She has turned the pop tabs into a recycling place and gotten money for them. All the money over the years has gone to purchase wheel chairs. If anyone has pop tabs, consider giving them to me, I’ll make sure they get to Mrs. H.
Stamps.. I’ve been saving them too. Why, well, for awhile, I took them to a lady in my church and she turned them in to stamp collectors in return for cash which she donated to a mission. This lady has moved, but I continued to save all my Christmas card stamps and the stamps I got in my regular mail. I have found someone who collects these stamps and have given them all to her. AND, guess what? She turns them in to a place in Windsor which gives money to Dr. Simone at Canadian Food For Children. I was told that one used stamp brings in enough money to feed a child for a day.. Imagine.. amazing. What I like is the circle.. the stamps go to my friend in Ottawa, who sends them to Windsor, who gives the money to Dr. Simone who also gets our mats. .. the cycle is complete and lovely.
All these projects cost us nothing, but our time. Our conscientious efforts can make a big difference to many who are in need.
I am not going to have a specific “pick up your bags” day this month, but you can email anytime and get bags from me whenever you want. Please consider helping with taking a load of mats to the depot once in awhile and also, save your pop tabs and stamps.. they are so helpful in helping others.
Enjoy the summer sun and long evenings..