March is already here…

Hi Everyone, 
Hard to believe it is already March.. where did February go?
Because the days go by so quickly it is hard to remember all that has happened in the past month. I’ve been to schools, ladies meetings, Seneca College at the York University campus and a Girl Guide Rally day at the Ricoh Coliseum. Every one has had a wonderful time learning about making the mats and then either joining a group that weaves or starts their own weaving group.
Bag day was another success as bags left my garage and mats came in. I’m waiting to get some mats delivered to Canadian Food for Children, but so far for 2017 we have sent 827 mats and I have about another hundred in my garage that I hope will be delivered this week.
mats 12507368_10153782701610390_7803451616619611087_n
I always love to tell you a story, so here is this months.. In January, a lady named Irene from Alliston, who is part of our weaving team, and spends her winter in Florida, wrote to me that she had found mat crocheters where she is staying in Fort Myers.  These ladies were crocheting the mats out of grocery and Wal-Mart bags. They give their mats to the homeless, but in less than a year the mats fall apart due to the bags being biodegradable. Irene wrote to me and asked if I could get a mat to her via someone going to Florida. Long story short, my pastor’s sister was going to Northern Florida and she took a mat. Irene has a friend from Minnesota who picked up the mat and then took it the rest of the way to Fort Myers.  A couple of weeks ago, someone from Brampton, who was going to Fort Myers to see Irene, and stay for a week or two, came to my home and she took 6 boxes of new milk bags to Florida. I wonder if the customs agents wanted to know what was in the boxes (haha). I got word from Irene that the bags have arrived and they are ready to make a frame and get weaving with the milk bags. Nice .. I like this. It never ceases to amaze me how this project works.
I was thinking of our next “pick up your bags” day and have decided to have it on Tuesday, March 28. Again, I usually have boxes of bags here if you can’t make it that day and want to come at a time when you are near me, but I need to know how many you would like so I can have enough for everyone that wants to come that day. If you don’t have my address, please email your request for bags and I will give it to you in another email.
Cllick on this link: colchones de Naylon PEG..docx 
The picture is of a family in Guatemala. One of our school groups that weave in Ottawa made this mat and several others. A colleague of the teacher, who runs the mat making group, called Dream Weavers, took 4 mats to Guatemala and gave them to people.  I was sent this photo of a woman and her children with the mat. Thought you might like to see this.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Happy weaving everyone,