Making a difference…

Hello to Everyone,
Hard to believe, but we have entered the new month of February, January flew by in my estimation.
Just a short email to tell you we are still weaving the milk bags and making a difference to the people who receive the mats. During the cold month of January, a friend of mine was asked by a couple of groups for mats to give to the homeless in the Toronto area. We of course helped out and provided what we could.
In the month of January I visited a church group of 110 youth who were from all over the world and we wove mats for a service project during their weekend conference. I was at a Global human rights conference in Hamilton where multiple schools visited where children got to see many initiatives that are being done around the Toronto area, as well as had a chance to weave at the Milk Bags Unlimited booth. I was at a Synagogue, where a group of volunteers gathered to weave. As well, this past week, I was at a school in Markham with 750 students who had the opportunity to get involved with the project.
So far this year we have sent 514 mats to the depot. We are getting offers from people who want to collect milk bags in their schools and communities. We always say yes to a collection, but we also are in need of people to weave. We could have every bag ever manufactured, but we need the volunteers to start weaving to use up the bags and make the mats.
This month’s “pick up your bags” day will be Tuesday, February 12th. I know it is difficult for some people to come on a week day, so if you cannot make it on the 12th, please let me know when you can come. I am often home on weekends, so just let me know when you want to come and we will work it out to find a good time for both of us.
Stay warm and keep weaving,