Keep them coming!

Christie Gardens Retirement Home in Toronto. The group meets every second week to make mats. The man in the red

plaid shirt is 101. I am just so impressed that we can have 5 year olds flattening bags in schools and 101 year olds

working at the cutting and weaving in retirement homes.

Milk weaving  milkweaving 3  milk weaving 2  milkweaving 5

Another day, more mats. Mats are coming in like crazy right now. I guess our long cold winter was spent weaving mats. I just got back from St. Andrews Presbyterian church in Ajax. They told me they had 60 mats, but they must have stopped counting at 60, there were 112 mats there. I put what I could in my van and the rest will be delivered at the end of June when they stop for their summer break. The thing I liked the most about this morning was the friendly atmosphere. Four churches and the Lionnesses group from that area come together every Monday to weave mats… beautiful fellowship.

We have sent 647 mats so far this year, and there will be a shipment tomorrow and another Wednesday. Thank you so much everyone.. it is such a wonderful way to help people in need. xo, Angela