July message

Hi Everyone,
Hope  you are well.
Things are good and the mats are still coming and being delivered. For this year and up to today we have made and sent 7137 mats to Canadian Food for Children.. way to go everyone!!

My email is short this time, but not without a grateful thanks to all who work so diligently for the cause. I have to tell you that another 500 boxes of unusable milk bags for the dairies have been taken to Canadian Food for Children at 1258 Lakeshore Rd. E. in Mississauga . Help yourself and stockup. Please remember though that the warehouse is only open from 8 AM until Noon, Monday to Friday, not open on the weekends. Also remember, if you take mats, please drop me an email telling me how many you took so I can put the number on my list.


Thank you to those who have started tying their mats, I still had some that were not, but for those who can, just roll or fold your mat and tie it on each end with a strip of milk bag plastic or rope so it is ready to be shipped.
I have lots of boxes of bags at my home, and my next pick up your bags day in Kleinburg  will be Thursday, August 15th. Let me know if you are coming.
Enjoy your summer,