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Collect milk bags

Tips on how to collect, save and sort milk bags

A) Only the colorful outer bags from 4 litre milk bags can be collected
B) They must be clean
C) Flattened
E) 500-800 placed into copy boxes
F) Write the number of bags on the box & tape the lid down!

To find out where you can drop off bags if you don’t make your own mats: go the “contacts for you page to get direct contact information on groups that are making mats     or contact:    



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How to make a regular wood frame for weaving a mat

How to make a 6 loops frame

The 6 loops frame is smaller that the one seen above.. The outer edges of the complete frame measures roughly 67″ x 38″ it is otherwise constructed in the very same way.

The 6 loops frame has nails/screws 65 1/2- 66″ between them on opposite ends. The diagonal pieces of wood in the 4 corners are wonderful at keeping the frames on the school table tops


How to make a 3 loops frame

Below is the 3 loop frame. It is 34.5 inches from the screw on one side to the screw on the other side. This frame has only 32 screws and one inch apart, but I would suggest you have 36 screws.. makes a wider mat.

This frame is a thing of beauty.. it is a 4 loop frame that has hinges in the middle, so the frame can fold up and not take as much space. The screws are 46 inches from one side to the other, and there are 40 screws on each end of the frame. Sewing two of these together would make a lovely large mat.

small frame 3

Weave a mattress

How to weave a milk bag mat – Part 1

How to weave a milk bag mat – Part 2

 4 steps on to cut the bags into strips

1. Fold the bag in hal

2. Fold in half again

3. Cut 2 inches off the top of the bag (the extra piece that is longer than the actual bag)

4. Cut about    1/4-1/2 inch off the closed base of the bag

5. Cut the trimmed bag in half

We tie the half bags into the weaving strands.


How to loop the strips

1. Take 2 separate 1” pieces & form a “T” shape.

2. Insert on end into the other and pull apart.

3. Pull firmly to make a knot, repeat the steps and continue to make a long strand .

Make 6” balls and fasten each with an elastic band.

To crochet a mat:

Using a 6.5 OR larger crochet hook, chain stitch until 36” wide. Then single crochet until 60” or 72” long.

How to make a pillow with milk bag scraps

pillows-mbuYou wanted to know about the pillows. We use any scrap fabric that is left over from people’s sewing projects. The pillows are not as large as the ones used on beds; usually they are about 12 by 12 or 14 by 14 inches. Sew them around 3 and 1/2 sides, stuff them with the milk bag scraps and then hand sew the opening closed.
Stuff the pillows really well; The more you stuff them the less noise they make when you put your head on it. Hope this helps.

Make a Handbag

How to make a handbag

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You asked about making a handbag: Angela made a how to video. It is easy to follow.

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