Here comes August!

 Hi Everyone,
I can’t believe it is August.. where did the time go? However, here we are and time ticks on as some things change while others remain the same. Covid -19 has affected all of us  and we can see how it has changed our everyday life style. It is a lot of work!! 
I have a few things to report, some good and some not so good. 
The container that was sent to Nicaragua in March and filled with milk bags is in Nicaragua, but stuck in the port. As you know I wanted to go back to Nicaragua to see the ladies 
who have learned to make milk bag mats and to train others. I also wanted the ladies who already know how to make the mats get bags so they can continue their work, but for now the bags are not accessible. This is a result of the Covid outbreak.. they are affected by it too.
 On a happy note, the ambitious seniors in Thornhill at the Glynnwood Retirement Residence have made 248 mats since Covid started..(this number was given to me over a week ago, so they will have more by now). These people amaze me and they are passionate about their work, happy to be busy and happy to spend time with their fellow milk bag weavers for fun social times and good mental health. 
I have an offer from someone in Bramalea... if you need milk bags someone has a stash of new bags and they are willing to share. If you live in North Brampton and need bags,  email me and I will give you the phone number of the lady who has the bags so you can connect with her. 
I am having a pick up  your bags day on Wednesday, August 12th. Remember to let me know if you are coming and how many boxes you would like to have. Also, if you are new to the milk bag project and need bags, I will give you my address.  
Canadian Food for Children is now open Monday to Friday from 8 until noon. You can drop off your mats there and pick up more boxes of bags. 
Hope you are all well, the weather is hot but I must say, the garden is loving it.. it is like we are living in the tropics. 
Take care, Angela