Help the homeless

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!! Milk bag mats are in need. I was downtown last night and in a 5 minute walk from where I was to the car I saw 4 homeless people. Two of them were bedding down for the night on the cold cold street. A lump of ripped blankets and cardboard was their base and then more old blankets and T-shirts were pilled up on top of them. What a shame and so difficult to live like this. If anyone is going downtown or goes on a regular basis, why not consider giving out a few mats to the homeless.


We surpassed our 4032 mats for 2016 bringing in over 5000 mats. Do we set a new goal? I love numbers, so how about 2017 times 3 this year.. 6051 mats!! I’ve already sent 39, so it has begun.

The season of “let’s stay in the house” and do things inside is upon us. I have lots of boxes of milk bags in my garage for our next Pick up Your Bags Day on Tuesday, January 17th. I’ll be home all day waiting for you so I can help get the boxes into your vehicles. If you can’t make it that day, let me know when you can come and I will arrange to either be here or leave the boxes outside my garage for pick up.

Looking forward to seeing you,