Help some underprivileged students….

Hi Everyone,
It has been another busy month and since April is Earth Month, I will be even busier. Many schools, churches and businesses want to highlight environmentally aware projects. We have had a great increase in the mat donations, and in March we sent over 700 mats to Canadian Food for Children. That adds up to 1733 mats donated since January 2019. Thank you to all those who wrote to me to give me their numbers of mats they delivered to the warehouse. Many mats came to my home for delivery, but many of you delivered directly to the warehouse yourselves.. Thank you.
This newsletter is going to be long, but I need to write it to help some students.
I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you the amazing day I had this past Saturday, March 30. I was introduced to a student event that I had never heard of… it is called DI or Destination Imagination. This is a non-profit organization that involves students from kindergarten to university levels. It challenges students to work together to solve STREM based challenges. Teams of 2-7 students have to find a solution to a Central Challenge, where they have to do research write scripts, build sets and costumes using engineering and technology ideas. They then compete at the Regional (top 3 teams move on), Provincials (top 2 teams move on), and the Global/International Finals which takes place in Kansas, Missouri, in May, where they will compete against many teams from other countries around the world. Global-Finals-Home-Page
St. Andre Catholic School near Jane St. and Wilson Ave. in Toronto were participating in the event and invited me to attend. They had written a play/skit that highlighted the Milk Bag Project. I was so touched to think that after visiting their school to tell them about the project that they thought our project was worth doing their project on. These students tied for first place in all of Ontario, I was so proud of them. Not only did they come first, but they won another award called the Da Vinci Award which is for Outstanding Creativity (not skill or talent), a unique approach to the problem, and/or risk taking. This is Destination Imagination’s most prestigious award.
Why am I telling  you about this school, because they worked hard, highlighted the Milk Bag Project and because they are an inner city school. Many of the student’s families have financial challenges. I want to help these kids go to a trip of a lifetime and do their presentation in Kansas City in May. All funds for their trip MUST BE FUNDRAISED. I have found out that if you want to make a donation to help this team reach it’s dream, you can get a tax receipt if you donate $25 or more from the Toronto Catholic School Board. If you are a business and want to donate $1000, your business name will be on their t-shirts as a corporate sponsor.

Here is the information where you can donate to the board and get an automatic tax receipt.

People who wish to donate go to and click on Make a Donation. You click the amount and send an accompanying note to say that the donation is to go to St. André  Catholic School for their Destination Imagination Fund.

To register go to the Toronto Catholic School Board website and go to Get Started Today.   If already registered just sign in to your account

Once you are in you can go directly to the Make a Donation button

You select your gift amount, drop down to the school location  St. André Catholic School and in the message note what it is for “St. André Destination Imagination Fund”

Then you will automatically receive a tax receipt once you add to cart
Or you can mail your donation to:

Toronto Catholic District School Board

80 Sheppard Ave. E., 
Toronto ON., 
M2N 6E8 
phone:   416-222-8282
If you feel like you would like to help these students, then please send them a donation. I am not asking you to send anything to me, just to the school board and they will divert the funds to St. Andre to the students.
A little more on this update:
Remember, other things we collect to help at Canadian Food for Children are the postage stamps, eyeglasses and now soap (laundry, or hand soap), and candles, which are used for heat and light where people don’t have electricity. 


One other thing I will start collecting is the white plastic cap on our clear water bottles.. not the water bottle, just the caps. These caps are sent to a place in the States, weighed and turned into cash. The money goes to a Canadian Charity that buys electric wheelchairs for people in need. 
Sorry this was so long this time, but I saw a great opportunity to help kids realize a dream.